Sydney Fringe Comedy Show 4

What a way to end our 2016 Sydney Fringe Comedy run: with out third SOLD OUT show in a row! In a special Fathers’ Day comedy special we had several dads in our line-up of comedians, as well as in our brilliant audience.

Our MC for the night was Ben Willshaw, who showed some of his comic versatility by generating huge laughs with his stand-up comedy, his crowd-work and with a song!


Our opening act was Chris Hook. You should never be fooled by Chris’ straight face on stage and the straight-sitting audience members around you at the start of his performance. Chris soon had everyone doubled up with laughter!


One of the comedians to perform in our very first ‘10 Comedians for $10‘ shows last year was the bloody funny Andrew Marriott, so it was fitting that he should not only join us on stage around the first birthday of our ‘10 for $10‘ shows, but also that he should deliver his funniest ever performance. What a laughter juggernaut! Thanks, Andrew!


Sean Morahan took to the stage next and played with all sorts of heckles: heckles during and after comedy shows, heckles real and imagined. All of them funny! BTW, to avoid getting heckled, Sean suggests other comedians do what he does: be 6’8′” and 120 kg.


Closing our our first bracket of comedy was Lee Reid who handed out hilarious humdingers for ten laugh-filled minutes.



Starting after the break, Kieran Daughton, for the fourth night in a row, proved to be a crowd favourite.


From the moment he yelled his greetings at the audience, David Tieck had everyone in stitches. An unbelievably hilarious performance!

Although extremely experienced, Great Scott found a new way to improve one of his best jokes tonight – and so he just keeps getting funnier!


As if to make sure this show delivered value overkill, Thao Thanh Cao got the huge laughs she deserved when she delivered one of the most expensive jokes ever!


Our final act for the evening, Peter Meisel left our maximum-capacity audience on a maximum-laughter-capacity high!






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